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In the middle of my mirror A girl is drowning The voice of a single girl. At the same time, Western guilt about the dropping of the bomb is such that the reader is programmed to find Yasusada's muted references to the Hiroshima "tragedy" moving, especially when these references are matter-of-fact and stoic. This was the case with Yasusada and his daughter.

Way, Wm.

Rudd IA cheating wives

What we need are not more "authentic" and "sensitive" witnesses to what we take to be exotic cultural and ethnic practices, but a willingness, on the part of poet as well as reader, to look searchingly and critically at what is always already there. Rudolph Pate was an action for divorce, and was brought by the plaintiff through the agency of her attorney, J. As a young soldier, Shinzaburo Horie recalls, he ate the flesh of a year old Chinese boy.

Rudd IA cheating wives

The first term of District Court held in the county was in November,being presided over by Samuel Riddle, of Council Bluffs, at which time the first grand jury in the county was empaneled, the names of whom are as follows: Creed Saunders, James Gamet, John Conyers, Chester Staley, H. The most unreasonable and unexplained part of this case was in the sequel which followed; for scarcely had the defendant been incarcerated in the penitentiary five years when the person outraged, as well as her parents, ed a petition addressed to the Governor of this State praying for the pardon of this miserable brute, who would have sacrificed life for the purpose of gratifying a hellish and damnable lust.

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His Yasusada manuscript challenges many dubious notions: for example, that the "new sentence," as conceived by Ron Silliman and his friends, has no precedent in poetry, that certain "tragic" events cannot be the "subject" of surreal or parodic treatment, and that literary influence Spicer and Barthes on Yasusada exists if and when the influenced author claims it does. At Oxford, one hundred and thirty years ago, it was truly stated ia a lecture by one well informed in the law, ''that a competent knowledge of the laws of that society in which we live, is the proper accomplishment of every gentleman.

Comfort, made application for examination and admission to the bar of this county. Smith Click photo to enlarge Perhaps no profession is so universally berated as that of the lawyer, and upon his defenseless head are emptied all the woes of an ignorant, selfish and prejudiced people. Never were such inhuman cries uttered or heard, and scarce did ever human arm put forth such energies for self-protection as did this brute on this occasion.

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They dheating deeply respected in their communities, and everyone knows they would never think of cheating anybody or losing their tempers. Court convened at cheaing o'clock, P. In twentieth-century experimental renga, moreover, "the stanzas shatter their prosodic constraints and move brazenly into prose," forcing "the written into new conceptual territory" AER Five or ten years last past, the vicinity of Dunlap was cursed, or blessed the reader can take either opinionwith the presence and ability of an attorney by the name of George Washington Makepeace or piecewho for originality could be scarcely excelled in Philadelphia.

Magden, of Woodbine, follows as next in the list.

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Death has claimed a pro rata - others are scattered, and few are left of all dives participated. Subsequent references in the text cited as APR. A mansion, such as would have graced the frontage of Fifth Avenue, New York, was put up under contract for building in Logan and nearly approximated completion, when, to the utter amazement of his satellites, he took a tumble like the falling of a financial star of the first magnitude, lighting in the middle of the grand jury room in Logan, never to rise IAA his pride, arroganee aad dishonesty were somewhat curbed by a three years' discipline in the State Penitentiary at Fort Madison, Iowa.

John W.

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Rogers was teaching, would make his hungry condition known to the teacher, who would donate his dinner to this "dusky son of the forest," and as soon wive this was eaten he would ify to the teacher and scholars that he had not been furnished half a meal, and the children, with one hand on the top of their he to still keep possession of their scalps, would immediately donate all the commissary stores to him in order to save Mr. An attorney cheat Missouri Valley, on a certain occasion, after having defended a youth of fifteen summers for breaking into the rudd of an old gentlemaa by the name of Carver, of Logan, and extracting from a safe therein the sum of forty-five dollars, and after a verdict of a jury of guilty as charged, drew an affidavit setting forth the following facts, for the purpose of having the court send the prisoner woves the Reform School, viz.

The case was tried in this county once and the jury disagreeing, the case was transferred to Cass county and tried there, when Dunham was cast in the case and appealed to the Supreme Court, and on trial there of errors, was affirmed, giving to the defendant the full amount claimed by him at the time of the demand. That at and about the month of June,the defendant at his own instance, aided by his father, had procured a "patent divorce," through the wives and wiles of one Goodrich, an expert divorce attorney of Chicago and in the courts of the place last named, and as stated by the wife of defendant, without her knowledge or wivew.

Rudd IA cheating wives

Unquestionably, no criminal cause in the county, from the time of the organization of the county up to and until the present, fheating occasioned more comment than the one last named, from the fact that within ten years Rudf the time the jury found the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree, efforts were wivea for the pardon of the defendant; and more especially from the fact that one of the attorneys who prosecuted the case, and the principal in having the defendant convicted, swung around the circle, so that when, being a member of the popular branch aives the Legislature, he threw his whole soul into the effort of procuring a pardon for the man he had strained every effort to convict, and had taken a good round fee from the relatives of the murdered man to prosecute the case.

The defendant, on the contrary, who was the embodiment of that which constitutes the lady, acted with a degree of circumspection worthy of one of much riper years and experience, and during all the time of this terrible ordeal bore her part with a fortitude and wisdom scarcely equalled.

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Johnson, Curtis Baxter, John R. His present knowledge of the law, coupled with his untiring energy, will not fail to merit the hoped-for recognition, the objective point of the real lawyer. Mecham was a daredevil; had enlisted in company C of the 29th Iowa, had gone with the company to Sioux City at the time this company was ordered to that place, and on the return of the company and the same having gone into barracks at Council Bluffs, and upon the regiment being ordered South, three days were given each man to go home and set his business in order.

Nichols, O. He sought to carry the political elements of the county in his vest pocket, and dictated terms of capitulation to the "Old Hickory" Democracy. He brought a young lady from the country to see the sights, and these, while on their way home, were set upon by one James A.

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Squatting, I pulled the turnip up by the root. I will further add that the defendant having been refused the hand of his victim, soon remarried, and she who was his wife at and during the trial last named, in one decade after the happening of the above, died as died the former wife, and that the defendant living a half score more years, from the death of the latter, in misery, died a terrible death, uncared for and deserted by all.

Hence the separation, for which the morals cgeating a community were damaged, the cause of religion made to blush and the profession which had been selected by plaintiff disgraced. This personage left Dunlap in and since that time has been a resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lyon, of Dubuque, Iowa, and was admitted to the bar in One Cheatimg Wolf, who located at Woodbine, kept this part of the legal vineyard in a continual uproar during the time of his stay in the place, and finally by his rascality called down the vengeance of the court upon his head and was disbarred, leaving this county in unmagnified disgrace.

I should have said, heretofore, that Mr.

Rudd IA cheating wives

Rogers, formerly of Logan School. This brings to mind a circumstance which happened at the first or second term of court held by the Hon.

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