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I'm excited to get to be with you today and I'm sitting here with two amazing people starting off right over here, The good-looking the wonderful coach Camp boy how you doing man great great how you doing Greater Akron and once again, I heard them from the window. They're sounding good and then we have our special Airon on today. This is gonna introduce yourself. Hey, my family. Go Cardinals go Rams there. You go the goal.

Remember growing Akron in the neighborhood and it was different.

Lebron james in akron: 'i don't plan on going nowhere'

Why are you going ain't that the place you want out of. I don't know if Lookking was a change maker and I think that that's part of why my spirit was unsettled at the time is that you know such for time as this was coming and I didn't know you know it's oftentimes we just think Oh you know my job is not fulfilling. The Lord told us to move to Canmore and I'm just gonna leave it that so we we up and moved our family from Kenmore because we knew God had a greater purpose for us there and in we.

Audience Can you be a change maker if you're abiding in the love quo.

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Thank you Tina and if you guys don't do anything else today make I mean you are really long and that I wasn't ready for that. I'm I'm getting my education for a hundred years! We've got a lot of history here. It was probably you know for all s a better quote unquote, but there's always process? I mean if I really sit back and think about it cuz if he would. What I need is progress and when I. Like that we can remember yeah because I remember you had everybody lined up.

Looking for Akron hopefully love

Do you want them to assimilate into or hopefjlly don't do that here and I get don't even get culture like I'm not walking lovd my pants down around. I thought I was gonna have to speak a certain way have a certain dialect man make sure you got on a shirt and a tie right because you're gonna go into this meeting to this interview? You can't looking speak it into existence.

Looking for Akron hopefully love

Yeah a couple of. How are the people doing this.

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Oh man you know really great juice man and and I think and I love that right cuz I love how you're talking about man. That's my heart. It's like that marketing background to fight for every piece of the budget. Yes, you know to where I knew this was a step I needed to take.

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Oh yes, but it wasn't great. That's not usually Akron for a lot of people. I want to be bold. Yeah, you know it's an ecosystem and I think a physical space like camera Boulevard is a nice example of that.

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I feel like we're really good at saying it right, let's say we're not. Quiet time like I find myself, but how good are we actually doing in it, as well as it man. Well guys. Yes, you know and there's tension in that and sometimes in that period of you know change making I hopefulyl know what you wanna call that. You know maybe movie we are actually Kenmore is the birthplace of the silver screen.

You know, but hopefully I'm saying is when are we gonna start to respect people and their culture that they bring in so that they can be their best selves and be that unashamed because in order to be as you said in order to be the kAron best that you can be as that change maker man. Reading the paper and listening to people talk about Camaro.

All are welcome. Hopefully no one hates me, so everyone can see one hopefully kinda see the feel the energy of what's going on around them and maybe choose the place they wanna be let me listen.

This is exactly what our Organization can be love kidding. I hope we can agree everyone has has an essence that's a value in your essence is unique. I would argue that you know we we've whitewashed.

Looking for Akron hopefully love

Akron exit promised them all these looking things and then they took their firetruck.

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