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The Special Rapporteur also indicated her willingness to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea at a mutually convenient time in the future. The Sfx Rapporteur wishes also to express her appreciation for the cooperation and assistance extended by the Governments of the Republic of Korea and Japan, enabling the Special Rapporteur to enter into dialogue with relevant sectors of society and to obtain all information and documentation needed to report to the Commission on Human Rights in an objective and impartial manner. The visits, and the high quality of discussions during both consultations with representatives of governmental Japaneese non-governmental organizations, as well as interviews eex women victims of military sexual slavery during wartime, allowed the Special Rapporteur to gain insight into the demands of the victims and the positions of the Governments concerned. It also enabled the Special Rapporteur to better understand which issues still remain unresolved and which measures are being taken at present in relation to swx matter at hand. The Special Rapporteur regrets that due to financial and time constraints it has not been possible for her to visit surviving women in all countries concerned.

The rooms were separated in many cases only by a tatami or rush mat which did not reach the floor, and so sound travelled easily from room to room. Cho further stressed that, in addition to the apparent physical scars the women have on their bodies, wo,an pain has tortured them throughout their lives and was of much greater ificance. The Special Rapporteur was also informed that an official request for the disclosure of all existing documents and facts related to the "comfort women" scheme had been made by the Government of the Republic of Korea.

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Nearly all evidence concerning the recruitment of "comfort women" comes from the oral testimony of the victims themselves. It was also announced to the public that as a result of the discussions between President Roh Tae Woo of the Republic of Korea and Prime Minister Sxe of Japan, a special study was commissioned by the Government of Japan.

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It is wholly implausible that so many women could have created such similar womxn about the extent of official involvement solely for their own purposes. This is why the Government has decided to seek funding from private sources for the Fund. She was informed that, as announced by Chief Cabinet Secretary Igarashi on 14 Junethe establishment of the Fund should be construed as an effort by the Government of Japan, together with the Japanese people, "to find an appropriate way to enable a wider participation of the people to share feelings of apology and remorse".

Hata presented the Special Rapporteur with two prototype systems of recruitment of Korean women for comfort houses in the years to Many women speak of Japaness having been allowed to leave the camp. After 10 days or so, I was taken to the Japanese army garrison barracks in Heysan City.

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Specifically, the Fund is interpreted as being "a ploy or trick to dodge the issue of State compensation". The company offers hour matching services and has become popular for its reasonable rates. The establishment of the Fund and the initiatives by the Government of Japan to solicit funds from the public for the payment of "atonement money" to surviving victims are considered an insult to "victimized States", and the Fund's immediate withdrawal is requested.

The quality of their accommodation and general treatment varied from place to place but almost all women victims testify to the harshness and cruelty of their circumstances. Their vulnerability and powerlessness was aggravated by the fact that their schoolteachers, local police and village authorities, whom they trusted, were often involved in the recruitment process.

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This implies that in many cases, even with regard to Korean women, Japan violated international obligations arising under this Convention. Concerning the question of compensation, the Special Rapporteur has not been provided with any details on an exact or envisaged amount that should be paid. Womaan follows from the opinion of the Government of Japan that individuals have no rights under international law, that individuals have no right to compensation under international law and that any form of reparation as compensation exists between Wkman only.

Later in the war, the military relinquished, for the most part, its involvement in the running and operation of comfort stations to private operators who were either approached by army agents or who applied for permits on their own initiative. One case study refers to Se Bok Sil who, Japanee many girls, was seized from her home and whose removal involved the beating of her father because he attempted to resist her abduction. For this purpose, it was suggested that the Government of Japan should enact special legislation so as also to enable a settlement of individual claims for compensation through civil law suits at Japanese municipal courts.

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Yet, it is the belief of esx Special Rapporteur that the Government of Japan has both a legal and a moral obligation towards the women kept in military sexual slavery during the Second World War. Among the women who were evacuated, as occurred in Manila, there were many deaths from the gruelling conditions and shortage of food.

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When I was 17 years old, inthe head of our village came to our house and promised me to help me find a job in a factory. And when something they feel is uncomfortable happens either inside the house or outside, they must tell their parents or caregivers immediately. We were also given 'shots' so that we would not get pregnant eex that any pregnancies would result in miscarriage.

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As noted above, crimes against humanity have been defined as murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts committed before or during the war. When asked about the legislative basis for the legal responsibility that the Government of Japan should accept, Dr. In addition, the Government of Japan should be prepared to assume responsibility for what this implies under international law.

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One day, a new girl was put in the compartment next to me. The Regulations are not applicable if all belligerents are not parties to the Convention art. Members of the National Assembly, including the Chairperson of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Women, as well as other parliamentarians, informed the Special Rapporteur that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Assembly had advised the Government of the Republic of Korea to request the Government of Japan to admit State responsibility for war crimes committed in connection with military sexual slavery, to apologize officially and to pay compensation accordingly.

The Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armies in the Field, which was in force in and which Japan did not ratify, states clearly in article 3 that "prisoners-of-war are entitled to respect for their persons and honour. Furthermore, the United Nations, as an international actor, was repeatedly requested to bring about a suitable settlement of this question through international pressure, for example through the International Court of Justice or the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

For now, the government advises parents to constantly check in with their babysitters by phone orand even install cameras so they can monitor their children. There were around other Korean young girls with me and we had to serve over 5, Japanese soldiers as sex slaves every day - up to 40 men per day.

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I think over half of the girls who were at the garrison barracks were killed. The sites were usually surrounded by a barbed wire fence, qoman guarded and patrolled.

The testimony is sx of a variety of people who either remember the stations from the time of their operation or who had relatives or acquaintances who were involved in the running of the system in some way. Though not aimed at "comfort women" in particular the Initiative was said to be based on the Prime Minister's "profound remorse for acts of aggression". It is the view of the Special Rapporteur that international human rights instruments are examples of individual rights recognized by international law.

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However, high-level officials of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have confirmed that in addition to individual compensation payments to the few surviving women victims, the payment of compensation is also demanded by the Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for all those killed as a result of Japanese aggression. One Korean girl caught a venereal disease from being raped so often and, as a result, over 50 Japanese soldiers were infected.

The position of these organs of civil society closely reflects the demands made by the surviving victims themselves, including an official apology by the Government of Japan, the admission of State responsibility for war crimes committed "to restore the honour and dignity of all former comfort women", the release of all documents and materials relating to the issue, compensation by the Government of Japan to be paid to individual surviving victims, and the enactment by the Government of Japan of special legislation so as to enable a settlement of individual claims for compensation through civil law suits at Japanese municipal courts.

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