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I don't know why I like it Okay. Cool I think this is the right way to go Yeah Oh don't block my camera Don't block the camera Hello Facebook Live Hey what's cracking You could see my belly folks folks watching us online right now on Facebook if the crowd gets crazy cuz there are Sqn inside fucck caravan of thousands Yeah it's anyone wild It's wild in here our artist is larger than all of the beehive so all of them Yeah we've been stuck in mud That's what we are who aant who here came tonight because you're celebrating the fact that we're in the Middle of an impeachment ruck Chill celebrating who's celebrating who celebrating the slowest possible demand Of the worst possible Joae ever I mean it's just I don't know it's too slow for me You know what you know what the important confidence Yeah I mean. I'll tell you I'll take it. I just wish it would I just wish you would hurry up I'm just like how can the people who are delivering How come the door dashers that are delivering his fucking whatever Yeah he he holds every day so there's got to be a guy There's a guy that's who Delivering food to President Trump this guy has access to President Trump's want Wan wanted to say I don't think he's still the hand delivering it to Trump himself a quick way to clean up the FDA A lot of good things will happen because of it like it's just people will get smarter about our food and to do this like if one day I don't know the McDonald's delivery guy Jose fuk with the you know low income Mexicans that are working in there making the burgers It's true at least in our community I don't know I've been in Alabama. There's some poor White people here making the MacDonald's So I wasn't poor ass White person making Donald there you go There you go people check it out We exist folks We become the Sam laureate of Santa Clara That's fuck That's what happened He told the world He met you get Dawson awesome grill and then give us a grill Put an arm I don't know Oh no His Anyonw What did you like fish fillets right I like slave dish I'm not gonna lie I will say this though I'm really disappointed in Jack in the box We did a temporary fillet fish of their own They probably call it something else like it was cause like fish jacked Jack Jack fishing Jack Jack fingers only did it That's okay.

Always make money stabilize like it's not gonna go crazy through the roof Yeah What else could go crazy through the roof apparently for a while there the cast of Glee Yeah Yeah You wabt go wrong with their music although they were making money make it so much money.

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She's no idea where they are I have I have an idea Here's what we can do We can want these cards here Yeah Alright take these cards tear em up in term in half and people can write their own random things on here and then I'll come up with a quick I'll come up with a statement and we'll do a random One how does that sound Do you need Oh perfect Alright I'll come over there and start cutting this up in a moment you guys let me know when you guys are ready but I'm excited I brought it for you You brought it for me Yeah.

Serena Williams How want that now. I just wish it would I just wish you would hurry up I'm just like how can the people who are delivering How come the door dashers that are delivering his fucking whatever Yeah he he holds every day so there's got to be a guy There's a guy that's who Delivering food to President Trump this guy has access to President Trump's fuck I wanted to say I don't think he's still the hand delivering it to Trump himself a quick way to clean up the FDA A lot of good things fuck happen because of it like it's just people will get smarter about our food and to do this like if one day I don't know the McDonald's anyone guy just communicated with the you know low income Mexicans that are working in there making the burgers It's true at least in our community San don't know I've been in Alabama.

So be like you'd be talking to somebody and they just stop talking to you cuz they see a Tight pants go by go Hey mama. That's awesome like I said I read their contract ahead like my friends who are good Jose law like good hire lawyer was like You have your friend. So it's so you so you hate spooning Yeah I don't hate spooning I just don't cuddly Yeah.

Anyone want to fuck San Jose

Look I wanna help you bro but I wanna help I want you to ask out the the the woman that you are most attracted to you right now right this minute No no White the first tuck who's not just saying you just gotta test the water be you know Jose think I I think I just I am I'm nervous I don't get nervous about anything I could stand in front of a million people on television and be like what's up Yeah no problem Yeah but it was just like one person and I'm like feeling her Oh I'm just like what's that movie I'm Mike McLoughlin Hey, I'm always down to talk finance finance, man how did I think that was one of those like black people think I don't know I don't know Okay.

I love life,because it's so short Been in Real Estate for more Jise 15 years and I also de 3-D greeting cards.

You say I don't wanna be the basketball you wanna be Just said you wanted to beat his face No, that's how I wanna be this face by beating him in basketball Yes my faking amount. It happens to me all the time like I tk just hanging out somewhere like I went to I went to Park station history one time Yeah.

That's I mean that Yes Today's dollars That's five times It's like three that's like jeans easily I feel like we wanna talk about economics are yes I'm down Okay, fishing! Yeah Jay Z has like 70 - nine! Yeah that's that's a great story but yeah And then I found out that our heart is hard as hell The words of Aretha Franklin This is really hard and then I moved here and I found Cafe open like yeah and I learned how to sing like so much better than what I did before I don't like a bunch of friends that I had met and made out there like I knew yeah Yeah It's like trying to like Poppy sometimes just like the way my belly boots Let's watch his body just like imitating belly movements It's kinda like a belly dance Yeah Really I know all about bellies have you used Of all like singing friends have you guys ever thought about doing like a barbershop quartet You are studying cosmetology There you go What about a hair.

There's just too much weight You know I feel like I can no I want the market they're the reason why alcohol and tobacco and condoms gonna make money do so well is because those things are always needed you You always need nope No condos are stupid San Okay Wait Why are condoms do Oh I mean if you're like a safe and committed situation money money from like oh great fucking money and we need is good Okay Jose I don't know Yeah I mean probably a better crop in conducts for sure I mean I there I mean most most places I go to don't have three bowls of weed but they sure do God like if you invest like a stable properly right Sah positive will always comment below!

They went by myself cuz I need some me time and I wanted to eat anyone anyone interrupting me right You know well aSn the beauty of going to those kind of spots especially if you're in fuck Yeah tto downtown and you go out Jose Campbell Willow Glen or even like the Rose Garden neighborhood You don't know wang you are You know really be alone a little bit Yeah So then I I I was eating my dinner and I was kinda waiting I was waiting around for the bathroom and it's all White guy comes out to Migos man You know I really love the hate of jazz music and this is the first thing out of his mouth That's Anyonf first thing he said to you Yup And then he goes my my my My grandson is playing some of my old 40 -fives.

I got this car that why does he have all Bottles these mountain due bottles It is called should be bright yellow right and they're just filled with this Brown liquid Brown Whoa Hold on I gotta talk I got some Taco Bell seriously filter Brown liquid and I was like don't worry about it Don't worry about any throw in the Sn of this truck Yeah fully and I think I realized that he he was peeing on them go one day I moved one and it was warm and you know what I don't wanna be judging by the whole thing but I'm just like man When it wasn't the big amount Yeah The big mouth of White mouth Oh San Like it's like you know changes my perception of things It's soap so he would be in those Sqn not in the I said that earlier it was the White mountains You know what I was thinking about like the two liters No No That was like tryna I would just put a funnel in Sqn You guck Alright we got One day we're hanging out in our living room.

We have two guests tonight we have first we're gonna hear from Casella Jones and Sean Fry. So I guess so yeah Look Imma tell you literally broken ice with it before Have you done a anyone here No No it's just for the thighs Those are just for the price Okay There's a video of who is it It's a fuk of someone Yes Anyond Christian watermelon watermelon Yes No help of any sort whatsoever when I saw that video and I was like I can do that I haven't done the chance to try There are watermelons at Cardenas right now as we speak Let's go You know I think San know your leg with your thighs Yeah, you can also put your own arm underneath it too and lay on right.

I got I'm at a Strip club Look at me I still don't know why that song is popular I hate it It's it's it's the melody It's the melody This shit right there and fucks with me You know what I mean like I wanna be like I don't know I wanna fuck him up if I see him punch him You're not gonna drink in the face I will do it No you gotta pull out your phone and you're gonna be like dude champagne please let me get this picture No you're gonna be all about drink the moment.

Was its car.

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Great grandma. It does anyone know where that comes from first nation's burns Congratulations indigenous birth I mean you know I call it burns cuz that's what they are They're twisting you guys know what I'm talking about where you can grab someone's arm Twist it like that you feel like makes it feel like you're tearing the skin off You know they should include that in it you know six over they need to have that one I mean there's so many There's so many things that were no twist many inequities in the world Yeah you know and I'm just I'm I'm going I'm trying to correct one at a time one at a time I I wanna go I wanna go for seven months That was really hard for you to change it change up Yeah.

We don't wanna we don't wanna she's she's a little more extra Driving at home so she is going to be dead bonus time I don't know I loved anyway can we can we all just get a big round of applause You can feel that you guys should really can't folks that are want at home on Facebook live. They were married for like 50 something years Just passed away last month It's very sad he was in his early eighties but they slept in separate rooms for most of their marriage and they said that's what kept it lively cuz it make it just like invite the other into their room No you wanna see me tonight They love each other and just didn't need to be in the same bed every night Yeah That's that's cool cuz you've never had to sleep on your own wet spot Wait.

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What does that mean I wan I don't know we need to research. It's fuck You know she's she was a hot as fifties Oh yeah She was it's weird to think that she was hoping for my mom You know thanks she's very proud of her She's great grandma Great.

Maybe the same route How many do you have any cats. That's all Yeah That's it.

We wanna you as an RNB artist I was like cool. It's yeah I just don't I think I missed that period of time when everyone was dating, I was traveling around the country No I mean you're you know you need a girl from another country No you're not okay what's your version of women's team already on anybody from you find of this exercise we cannot done to all of you again and again you know today exercise are the best accident as this place so mister like he was a person applied and all just what few the When you brought did she apologize I'm sorry It's not you.

Anyone want to fuck San Jose

You're in a bathroom. We gotta be careful dude I can't speak it until the existence.

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Wow you gonna be alright put it Seriously folks I feel like I feel waant they're gonna get Trump on the tiniest little thing You know what I mean like he's just like people he's getting people He's feeding them a line in the slashing their belly Watch all the wine fresh out You know he's like skinny dogs alive. The same grasshoppers are delicious I feel like you ate a cockroach It would taste like Donald Trump feels Yeah No no no Like the cold hand of Donald Trump on your back side Oh that's Szn it is Everyone's night right now Fuck that dude I wanna how could somebody be basketball on his face at basketball No No Did I feel like I would be a better Anyome player than Donald Trump You know I don't like Drake what he tries to hard to get it successful women He doesn't just let wang just like he's successful Why is he like you know a hardy trying AAnyone date.

Yeah Someone's gonna Trump my McDonald's Yeah So whenever there's lots of there's a lot of undetectable flavorless poisons in the world and if the person that works at McDonalds that serves President Bush oh she's not President for a anyone Oh Bush too I like the oh wait are you are you Are you legitimately talking about anyone of the oceans right now Oh sorry anybody part of the allegory that goes to McDonald's Okay anyhow so we have a topic here today Yes.

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